Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White Minimalism

Last night's dream was random & weird. But then again... 95% that's what they're supposed to be.
I'm not gonna try to explain anything, just write down what I remember (cuz it's not so clear) in the right order. The dream was divided in two parts.

First Part

Something happened first but I forgot, next thing I know I'm in some weird classroom with Karla sitting beside me. Sitting right in front is Salvatore (some guy, won't make sense to most people) and we're giggling and talking about him or something. Then we come up with a great prank, to write something on a piece of duct tape like "I'm stupid" or something along those lines. So Karla, I think, pastes it on his left shoulder pretending she's trying to ask him something by tapping on his shoulder, but he obviously notices what we're up to. He flips. He completely redefines the concept of "overreacting" and starts screaming and insulting us. So I get all pissed to and (try not to laugh) ask him if he "wants to take it outside" to which he says yes. But for some reason once outside I'm fighting someone completely different, but the point is I kick his ass badly (I think he almost died or something) and then lots of people were mad at me, but once they saw how cool I was they all wanted to be my friends.
That's all I can remember about the first part.

Second Part

I was living in an appartment with my best friends (I think, or they were just a blur in the background) and we were pretty wealthy. One day (this is where it starts resembling "The Others") a group of people dedicated to home care comes in and starts telling us something like:

"We're part of a very secret and exclusive group of cleaners, who only work for elite businessmen and other wealthy people such as you. It has come to our attention that you might benefit from our services and we're ready to start working here as soon as you take us in."

So for some reason we all decide it's a great idea to have a bunch of weird looking (they're dressed in all white) strangers into our home; but after a while we noticed something wasn't right. They changed all the walls and furniture (the little they didn't destroy) to white, and told us that this was a more modern way of decorating and made the place look cleaner, etc.


Then it gets creepier, they won't let us leave the appartment anymore and it's like they take control of the whole place. I get all desperate and try every way I can think of escaping but to no avail. Finally we decide the only way to end this nightmare is to commit suicide (lol) so we threw ourselves into a gigantic pit which is in the living room (don't ask) and apparently die. But not really. We weren't dead, we just entered the world of these people, where we are some sort of ghosts that still aren't allowed to leave the stupid place. Give me a break, I just killed myself, let me get out. Then I start planning a way out but again, nothing seems to work even with our ghostly powers. So we're condemned to live there forever and do the same to the next people to move in to our appartment. The End.

I know my writing wasn't the best but I'm in a hurry cuz I've got class, and I wanted to write it all before I forgot even more important details. Hope it amused you a bit.


  1. "then lots of people were mad at me, but once they saw how cool I was they all wanted to be my friends." (Springer, 21)


    your dream was really weird, but you didnt fight against Salvatore cuz he'd have kicked your ass :)
    Maybe the one you were fighting with was Copz. :D I hope he died. :)

  2. Please. He's like 5'3''
    And no, it was either a friend from elementary school named Alex or the guy at our school called Josimar.
    Your MLA was lame. Lol.

  3. It wasn't and you know it. :D
    Plus, Salvatore = <3


  4. jajajaja
    cada dia sueñas como mas renchmente
    ya habia leido esta
    pero hoy publique algo yo
    a ver si te das una vuelta por ahi

  5. I think i loved your dream cause of the white color everything was too weird but I'm used to this kind of dreams do you search for the meaning of it?

    colors, places, these people serving and everything else?

    Maybe your dream is because you feel in some way trapped in some point of your life :]

    Sweet interpretation :]