Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Not Dead

11 days without a new entry.
I'm disgusted. Hah. No but really, I've been busy as hell. Between school projects, social life & even some hardcore Starcraft gaming, I neglected my little blog for over a week. Time to put an end to that.
I wrote this entry during class at 7 am (half asleep) the other day, so it's probably not too good but it's something for you to read. Here goes nothin'.

So here's a list of all the classes I currently take (& what I think about them):

  • Entrepreneur Spirit - Boring but could be useful.
  • Heat & Electricity - Strongly dislike it & pretty pointless.
  • Philosophy - Whatever, it could be useful.
  • Calculus - It's okay but I'll never use it again.
  • Man & Science - LOVE it and it seems very useful.
  • French IV - Super boring but useful.
  • Social & Economic Structure of Mexico - BARF!! Completely useless & utterly disgusting.
So throughout your life you have to take a bunch of different subjects. I've taken well over 40 different ones in mine. There are some subjects we like, some we dislike, some that'll actually help us, some that are so pointless you feel every hour spent on them is a sucky way to watch one hour of your life drift away.
But what makes a good class good?
In my opinion, there's a mixture of aspects, which are related, that can make you actually look forward to a class.

Having a good teacher
I dare say this is the most important thing in order to have a great class. There are some subjects which we may not like, but if you have a good teacher it'll motivate you to do your best. Such is the case with me and calculus. I hate math, but my teacher's amazing so I do my best and I get pretty good grades. It's too bad we only ever find a couple of good teachers in life.

The subject is useful
If you're sitting through a Heat & Electricity class wondering what the hell you're doing there and when you're ever gonny use it in your life, chances are this point is being missed. The worstpart is when people tell you things like:

"It may not seem useful now but calculus is used in all jobs and even day to day life!"



Go up to your parents and ask them to help you solve your integral calculus homework. They have no idea. Why? Because unless you work in the whole math field you're never gonna need to solve a flippin' integral while doing the groceries or making music. Yes. I hate it when they say math is often used to make music. I don't buy it.

The subject is interesting
Being useful doesn't necesarily mean it's interesting. I know studying French will help me in the future, but it's so lame. I have to try so hard not to fall asleep every class. Also it's still no good if the class is interesting but you have a bad teacher. These things are very co-related. Being interested in a subject can make you write the best essays and actually enjoy doing school work, so that's why this point is also important.

So yeah, these are all the things I consider important for a class to be good. You may agree or disagree, por possibly add more important aspects to my list. I'm just glad this semester's almost over!

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