Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer, kinda lazy.

Well it's summer and school's over. Now what?
For the past couple of weeks I've gone out a few times with friends, and partied a bit, but other than that my life consists of:

- Playing computer games 5 or more hours a day.
- Watching T.V. or movies 3 or more hours a day.
- Drinking 2 or 3 cans of Arizona Green Tea a day.
- Drinking 1 or 2 Vitamin Water bottles a day.
- Eating anything I can find, all day.

Pretty depressing. The worst part is, I know I could do something about it. Go out, make more plans, try something new like I always say but I'm just SO LAZY.

I haven't even had any inspiration for writing on this thing, and I don't even have it now but I'm just writing for the sake of it.

At least I've been reading a bit, here and there, a few short stories and the occasional book.
If anyone has any suggestions on what to do, or any good books they know of, good movies, etc. Please tell me, it'd be much appreciated.


  1. ola n_n
    soy amiga de tanya D:
    & me dijo,
    deberias seguir el blog de eric i yo
    & luego ya te stalkie todo y dije
    aww escribe bn padre & asi.
    & tngo una sugerencia:
    puedes salir e ir a un parqe o algo asi ,
    ponerte tus audifonos, escuchar buena musica
    & simplemente disfrutar de la vida :D !
    ok no ._.
    haha xD
    bno eso me relaaja a mi, nose a ti qe te paresca
    & tmb te recomiendo el libro
    "las impaciencias del corazòn"
    en vrd qe, PFF esta buenisimo (:

    bno, spero qe estes bn :D

  2. jaja si a veces me gusta salir a pasear con mi ipod... con mi perro o cuando camino hasta blockbuster para rentar una peli jajaja pero lo del parque no lo he hecho, no se chance me sentiria raro, chance no.
    y voy a buscar el libro :) gracias.