Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Mall

Ever wondered what's going on in my mind?
No? Well I'm still gonna tell you.

Wow my mom's secret parking place, she says it as a joke but we almost always find a spot to park there. Haha, it's more of a lucky spot than a secret one.
Okay the person who's about to jump in the elevator with us looks like he hasn't had a shower in ages.

Awkward elevator silence with the hobo and that guy who gave me a weird look when I went in.
Okay they got off before we did, two floors of peace & tranquility unless my mom brings something up.

So hungry. I hope there's not too many people at the burger place. Who am I kidding? It's always full, how can we even be hopeful? Haha, we both know we're not gonna end up eating there.
I was right, we're going to that one place... not the famous burger place, but I still always order a British burger there. This time I won't, I'll try something else. Filet mignon. I know it's gonna suck at this place. Meh, I'll order it anyway.

Wow it sucks more than I expected. You call this 3/4? There's fucking blood dripping out of the meat everywhere. Mashed potatoes are okay.

Oh my god, he's insane. Poor old thing. He's lost it.
Hello? Isn't anyone going to assist him? He's holding on to the table, shaking, closing his eyes.
Okay now he's just drinking coffee.
HE'S DOING IT AGAIN! Somebody stop that, it makes me uncomfortable.

I do all my bitching in my brain, my mom likes to make it public.
I don't like it when she's bitchy.
We argue.
Five minutes of awkward silence.
We get over it.

Time to search for some undies for me, the real reason why we came here, haha.
I'm still hungry cuz I didn't eat most of the so called meat. Maybe I'll have some of those mango things covered with spicy stuff, yum!
I found the undies I wanted, but as usual they only have my size in blue. I'll only buy the blue ones for now. I'll buy a black one and a white one later.
I want those mango things now!

Wow, I forgot I wanted the mango things and I bought strawberry gummies, which aren't that great anymore. I really wish I had bought some mango things.

That lady just knocked that glass ornament thing over, stared at it in horror, and ran before anyone could charge her for it. Brilliant.
Wow that other lady looks like Mrs. Waldorf from Gossip Girl, only very sad & old. Or is Mrs. Waldorf also sad & old? She seems pretty happy most of the time... whatever.

Waiting for my mom to come out of the bathroom. Sucks to be that lady in the rollerblades, trying to sell them to people. She looks like a slut. No not even a slut. It's just sad.
Ooh a Ferrari bike. I want one. No, I don't. I can't even ride bikes. I mean I used to, but I forgot. Living proof that that saying is wrong. I'm gonna need a bike in the Netherlands though. But a Ferrari is too much. Holy shit it's worth a lot more than what I sold my car for, haha.

I wanna leave, there's too many people here. I'll just make sure on the way out my mom can't see the shoe places. I'll walk on the side of the stores so I can block her window shopping as much as possible.

A young couple of preps. Both dressed in pink polos. Kinda makes you sick. That girl's weird. I shouldn't go check out the CD's cuz I always want a new one.

Let's just get out of here. It's raining, I left my bedroom window open. Oops.


  1. stalkeando again :$

    me hiciste reir mucho hahaha y
    puedo decir que me hiciste el dia :B

    escribes muy bien eric, me agrada.
    algo random esta entrada, pero no deja de ser buena xD


  2. LOL

    I remember you told Tanya and me about the old, shaking man Saturday at Chili's.

  3. I remembered too.
    This one's one of my favorites. :)
    I could visualize you perfectly every step of the way.

    Btw. Don't take too long to write!