Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Facts Part II

22. I like to cover my notebooks with magazine cut-outs. Personalizing my stuff makes it more valuable somehow.

23. Most of the time, when I'm lying down I start moving my left foot uncontrollably.

24. When I was younger, I wanted to be a DJ.

25. I strongly dislike the colors orange and brown when put together. Especially on buildings. It makes them look so old fashioned.

26. If I were to have a superpower, I'd like to be able to read people's minds. But only when I want to. Not like... all the time. That would be crazy.

27. I'm scared of seaweed. Stepping on it, swimming above it, swimming around it, you name it. It's terrifying.

28. The only card game I know how to play is hearts, and I'm not even good at it.

29. The only two sports I've ever really practiced are basketball and swimming.

30. Average scare me more than big dogs.

31. I think it's disgusting when people eat refried beans without anything else on them. They're ment to be mixed with meat or something on a taco, not eaten separately!

32. I'm actually pretty good at math if I concentrate, but most of the time I don't.

33. Sometimes I'm mesmerized by the most retarded things on T.V.

34. Computer games can be quite addicting for me.

35. Whenever I push / pull the button to roll the car window up or down, I keep doing it for at least 5 minutes before I can finally stop myself. I do it with every finger, several times, and then I keep trying to do it with my thumb but I can't. I think that's the OCD in me.


  1. jajajj aaaaw, ame esto: "I think it's disgusting when people it refried beans"
    no see siii fue a proposito pero me dio risa! :) jajaaj te qieroooo!

  2. 32. I'm actually pretty good at math if I concentrate, but most of the time I don't.

    Oh Dios, ¿me estabas describiendo?
    Luego sufro cuando veo que no soy capaz de concentrarme...
    Creo que es la única cosa que hace que me consideren de letras. (puñetera clasificación, por cierto, una manera más de poner etiquetas)