Monday, February 16, 2009

Living in the Big City, Part I

Tonight when I walked out of the gym, I was about to put my earphones on but I didn't. The city sounds that surrounded me were the perfect melody for my walk home. It's a nice time to walk, 9 pm, if you take some things into consideration, which is what I was thinking about during my walk.

Do you ever walk around your city and feel unsafe?
Depending or where you live in, you might say yes, no, sometimes, or whatever.
This is Mexico City I'm talking about though, as far as I know, the biggest city in the world and probably the most populated one (if Tokyo beats us in either of those, ignore it). This has, of course, its pros and cons; it's all about your perspective of life. Do you see the glass half empty or half full?
I love my city. I love every little moment I live in it, even the bad moments, they form part of something greater...
At night, while I'm walking back home I experience different feelings. I was walking down a road with poor lighting and no one around, and a strange looking guy was walking my way. I switched sidewalks. A precaution. Then I walked into an almost pitch-dark street, full of trees, and I saw the silhouette of a short, fat man in a suit. For some reason I didn't change sidewalks, I analyzed what I was about to run into, as if I were one of those robots in the movies. Short, fat, suited, man. Danger... 15%. Low. So I just walked past him, but I felt this chill, the one I get sometimed when I take a little risk with my safety in these situations. And I loved it. Love the feeling. As long as you know what you're doing here, you can enjoy a nice walk in the dark streets of Mexico City, of course don't go to crappy neighborhoods cuz nothing will save you from getting your ass kicked there.

As I said, there are all kinds of moments in Mexico City that'll bring out the most varied feelings in you. I intend to write more about these. I will always love this city for exactly what it is.


  1. Wow, I really loved the photo.
    Its amazing!
    I sometimes feel the same way you do, living in this city has made me appreciate the good and the bad things life has prepared for us and it never stops to amaze me.

    p.s. I havent found the thingy to change the language D: is stressing me out!

  2. awww >.< y la vas a extrañar yo lo se. pero eso es lo padre de vivir por donde vives en cambio por mi casa es como RUIDO CARROS bleh no se no es inspirador salir a caminar por ahi a solo escuchar. no te pasa que vas caminando por la calle y que en eso se pone una cancion que de verdad va con tu mood y empiezas a ver al rededor escuchando esa cancion, o simplemente cuando entras a la escuela, cuando te estas bañando. no se creo que explotare esa idea en mi inexistente blog aun.
    me gusto mucho lo que escribiste hoy como que de verdad sabes transmitir lo que quieres a la gente y no se que padre porque me gusta leer lo que escribes aunque ya suene mas rendundante que nada eso
    te amo aunque tu no a mi <3