Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let the Words Flow

I'm feeling a bit lonely this afternoon. I told Patrick I wouldn't be home today cuz I had to do a project, but that didn't happen. And now I'm home... a bit early, and he's not online obviously. He's probably playing the Sims or something. Okay I didn't wanna start writing this kind of stuff to be honest... but there's nothing else I feel like doing. I already heated up three slices of pizza and gobbled them up. I'm certainly not gonna work on my homework just yet. Procrastination, I'm doing it right. I swear I'm not always this needy. I mean, I used to be, but then I got over it. I always have these kinds of days when I'm more susceptible to these kinds of feelings. And don't even mention being on some sort of "man-period", cuz you'll be ignored.
Meh. I'll just sit here listening to John Mayer, can't get enough of him. I dare say he's my new favorite artist. New as in he just got ontop of the list, but I've been listening to him for a while now. And now I don't have to lie or be embarassed when they ask me my favorite artist (which used to be Britney Spears). I mainly denied that I liked her to avoid awkward moments. I didn't even like her new album that much... I stopped listening to it like three weeks after it came out, but whatever.
This is my lamest entry so far, but so what? I can't always write with the same quality, I'm not saying I was getting good or anything, but this is sort of... just writing and letting it flow without any control. It feels good, bet you're thinking "yeah it doesn't make much sense when you read it though".
Random thoughts: Blogging might just be improving my language skills or at least increasing my english vocabulary. Which is good by the way because next month I'm taking the TOEFL exam, which I need in order to apply to Hanze University (there's the link in case you wanna check out where I'm probably gonne be studying).
I want some rain. I know right? Can't you just be happy with the weather you have for once? Well I am... I mean, the super sunny days we've been having are awesome, and way better than the freezing cold mornings or chilly afternoons before that, but now I feel like having a nice storm outside, maybe get a coffee or something.
I wish all my friends were my neigbhours. That would be awesome. It would improve not only our social life, not that it needs improving (I'm popular I swear haha), but also our grades probably. Imagine all the study groups and stuff. Oh yeah. But it's not like that.
Something that made me laugh today: When Arturo, my Man & Science teacher, made a demonstration with his hands of how a bird explodes when a baseball hits it. It was something like: "It was flying happily when suddenly, bam, it exploded." Only with him doing funny faces and whistling like a bird.

Uhm, something random, I just looked up if quotation marks go before or after the period, went to a site called The Quotations Page and to my surprise, they don't have any quotation marks there. Go figure.
Has this been sufficiently boring for you? I had a lot of fun, I just might write more of these, so if you didn't like it, ignore it next time.

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  1. WTF! jajaja

    Eric, eres un loquillo adicto a tu nuevo Blog.