Monday, February 16, 2009

Forever young... I want to be... forever young...

I was thinking today, while in the shower, that there's two really important things that I'm gradually losing because of lack of practice:

1. Imagination.
2. Videogame skills.

The first one, I noticed because well, when I was in the shower I thought: "I used to do play with my toys in the shower, when did I stop doing that?". I mean, it's not that I want to buy new toys again and take them in the shower with me and make up stories and stuff... but there are ways to use your imagination according to your age, and I just hope I'm not losing that ability, because when you lose your imagination things just get so boring... and before you know it you're no fun anymore. So that's one thing.

The next thing, videogame skills. The last console I had was the Xbox (normal one, transparent) and I didn't even play it that much, I only had like 4 games actually. Now I just use it as a DVD player. And not to mention my gamecube, which is somewhere in my closet getting dustier by the day. Ever since my last trip to the Netherlands, when I played with Patrick on his Xbox 360, I rediscovered videogames, and I wish I had an Xbox 360 myself now.
I remember when I was a big videogame fan back in elementary school, and mom or dad wanted to play with me but they could never really understand how to play or the way the controllers worked. I don't want to be like that when I grow up. I want to be able to beat my grandkids at whatever they're playing by then.

So in some ways I guess you could say, I don't wanna grow up just yet.


  1. mira de algo estoy segura la imaginacion no se te ha ido. todo lo que decimos a diario, las pendejadas que siempre me hacen reir, las cosas que escribes, los dibujitos que haces en tus cuadernitos esoo mi rey es parte de tu parte imaginativa, ademas eres de las personas mas inspiradas y con mas imaginacion
    de los videojuegos no puedo hablar.
    los videojuegos me odian y yo los odio a ellos es como una guerra no declarada no se porque osea apenas con guitar hero es como yay easy! jajaja

  2. You shouldn't give up videogames, honestly a HUGE part of my childhood is you and me playing videogames, and I still do so because to be honest I loved them ever since. So you should come over sometime to jam on Rock Band, play some Mario Kart, or perhaps dust off my Super Smash Bros Brawl, or Sonic the Hedgehog. What do you think?