Monday, February 16, 2009

Donkey Konga & Leukemia

Those were two random things that were in my dream last night, which was (at least at the moment) a bit freaky. Here's how it goes:
First of all a "new" Nintendo console came out, which looked exactly like the Donkey Konga bongos but in purple, and a bit wider. I saw the new console at a store I was in and then I called some sort of Talk Show so I could be the first one to talk about it, but then some guy beat me to it. The image changed to the guy, talking about the console (in his house, or some weird hall), and explaining how it worked. However, before he could finish, he started going into like a weird trance and said weird / scary things like "only some years left and then I'll be gone", even though he looked quite young. After he said this, the Talk Show was interrupted due to technical difficulties, and then it was revealed that the guy had leukemia... after that he said more weird things (can't remember exactly), and then I woke up. It sounds pretty lame, but I was totally freaked out when I woke up. The guy had a really scary face when he want into that trance.


  1. That's a freaky random dream... last night i had an unusual dream... so fucked... it was like i was in ancient greece times and i met Alexander the Great and i saw Aristotle and talked to him and asked a lot of questions... it's just i can't remember the q's i asked... but it was pretty out of place and funny too...

    Then i dreamed of horses... go figure what kind of dream i had...

  2. jajajaja aparte leucemia >.< que cosas randys andas soñando como cuando soñe que te ibas y que ya nunca mas querias volver a saber de mi u____u nuuunca mas