Thursday, October 1, 2009

In My Dreams... I'm A Killer

I need to write about my dream because it's already starting to fade away and it was pretty good so I believe I should share it with you. I don't remember too much about the first part but I remember when all the action started:

I was lying on a bed in a hotel looking at a T.V. that was turned off, holding something that looked like a huge machine gun combined
with a rocket launcher. Suddenly out of nowhere I think some sort of alarm went off, or an explosion was heard, but I jump off the bed, through the window, and I'm now sitting inside a huge tank. There are other people there, telling me who the enemy is and that I should shoot at them. So, for some reason, the enemy tank starts flying away as it it were a chopper, I lift the cannon and try to shoot it before it gets away but I miss it by a couple of meters. Then I get off the tank, wielding my machine-gun-rocket-launcher, and it seems like I'm somewhere like the Zócalo in Mexico, but with a lot of tanks all around me. I see another enemy tank in the distance, then I realize my weapon has this 'lock-on-target' sort of function, so I turn it on and aim at the tank, when I'm locked on the tank I shoot without thinking twice. This missile comes out of my gun, making a very loud noise and swirling through the air leaving a trace of smoke behind it. It gets to the tank and then a huge explosion comes, followed by a lot of dust spreading everywhere and people screaming and running away from the whole mess. That's when I realize "Holy shit, I think I could've just killed a bunch of people, what am I doing? And I'm running around with this huge gun, someone's gonna see me and know it's me and shoot me...". So I keep running, all the streets are chaotic, I get to this one street where it seems like some guy and two girls are trying to rob another girl, and there's people staring at what's happening. Now, for some reason, one of them is a friend from high school (Julieta) and she also has a gun, but unlike real life, she's being very aggressive and tells me to help her save the girl. So again, without any shame, I lift up my huge gun, now using the machine gun function, and proceed to shoot at the 'bad guys'. For some reason my bullets came out more as a squirt of water than actual bullets, but it seemed to work because I ended up getting rid of two of the thieves and as the third one was approaching me, I used the rocket function of the gun and fired right at her, this time my gun shot out what seemed to be a huge needle, and I don't wanna tell you what happened next... too graphic.


Anyways, after that I started having another moral breakdown, I was now running along with my oldest friend from kindergarden, Aclaina, and we go by some police cars so I get extremely nervous. Fortunately there was a river nearby so we jump inside, clean the weapon so no fingerprints can be found and let it sink in the river. Then we catch up with our 'team' or at least that's who I think they were, and we sit at one of these big round white tables, like the ones they usually use for weddings, and talk about what the hell just happened. Then Godric, from True Blood appears (woot!) and for some reason he had been one of my rivals all along (not the enemy, but someone from my team who I strongly disliked) and he's teasing me about what I did and whatnot. Then comes the funny ending of the dream, because I ask Godric "Are you some sort of faggot or something?" and then I proceed to pull him towards me, and we make out. (epic win!)

So that was this night's dream, quite different from anything I can remember. What do you think? Ever had dreams where you're some sort of crazy killer?

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