Sunday, October 18, 2009


I was just watching Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, a very weird, trippy movie that involves being able to get stuff done to your brain to erase memories of people. Or something like that. Anyway, as I stopped myself from vomiting over the extremely confusing scenes, a thought came to my mind.

What would life be without memory?

Like, what if there was no such thing as recording experiences in your brain? You just go through life living for every second that's coming, one after another. You don't have any friends, no family, and certainly no lover. (Well first of all the world as we know it wouldn't exist, but just try to picture it).

Would we just be ghosts roaming the planet with no purpose? Or perhaps savages that only care about our basic instincts... Would we appreciate the beauty of nature, or beauty of any kind for that matter? Would the concept of beauty even exist? Would any concept exist? What would we live for?

We wouldn't have to look back, but I can't see how we would be able to look forward. You're just looking at what's in front of you. Would we feel empty? Would we feel like something is missing? Or maybe we would never know the difference. That would just be how we are, how could it be strange? You can't miss something that was never there to begin with.


  1. Eric! I can't even find the words to tell you how happy I am right this moment! :D I'm so glad you finally saw the movie I told you about like since forever. I LOVE it. It totally leaves you thinking about all sort of things. did you like it? I hope you did. I miss you. I'll write soon.

  2. Yay, me encanta como se comunican entre uds en ingles ke padreee
    Hahaha meh, yo escribire en español xk hay cosas ke simplemente no se pueden traducir como poca madre, chingate, pendejasshole {a no vdd} hahah anyways, yo igual volvi a ver esa pelicula en estos dias y la primera vz ke la vi pense lo mismo asi de wtf no entiendo ke pedo con esta escena, pero cuando la vuelves a ver todo keda mas claro. Aparte igual de hecho hoy pense en eso de poder borrar la mente, xk lo necesito haha ojala se pudiera tengo ke kitarme a alguien d la mente xk nd mas no me deja vivir a gusto...
    anyways luego t contare bien.
    miss ya Cap'n Springer xD