Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Died

We didn't know how it happened, but we knew we were dead.
Me and my mom stared outside the window from the huge mansion where we now lived, as ghosts.
Then we realized, even though we could live forever, we wouldn't be able to share the world with real people or feel the sea on our skin if we went to the beach. It wasn't worth it. I told her I would probably only last a few years before I went insane and decided to end it.
Then for some reason, more people appeared in the house. One by one, random friends of mine. Even though it was good to have them, it wasn't the same, knowing we were condemned to this life.

I could still see my other friends, who hadn't died yet, putting flowers on my grave. Then, something incredible happened, it seemed like some of them, who were alive, could actually see me, as a ghost. Some of them were scared, and some of them wanted to talk to me. It was very sad. The saddest thing was when I remembered Patrick, and I realized that now I had to spend eternity without him. I knew there was a way in which us ghosts, could turn living people into our kind, but I couldn't do that to him. No one deserved to live like this. Hidden in a mansion, watching real people go on with their lives. It was the worst fate.

And then I woke up...


  1. WTF.
    lol it reminds me as The Others? I don't know if it's named like that but well you get the idea. :P

    I totally agree with you, it wouldn't be nice to be living as ghosts and watch everything from the sidelines.. it would be truly painful. My dream last night was very random. I don't know why I have been dreaming things that have a lot to do with school but at the same time people from my past show up and I don't know what else happens everything sort of mixes up weirdly, I wish I could remember it clearly.

    But well, there are dreams made to be followed and dreams meant to be forgotten. :)

  2. Yeah it's the second dream I have in less than a month or two that's like The Others.

  3. aw
    lo de patrick >.< casi lloro
    y paff
    no te preocupes demasiado en los sueños
    solo son cosas asi como LOCAS porque nuestro cerebro sigue demasiado activo mientras intentamos dormir